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I am delighted to introduce my cosmetic formulation review and correction service! As a cosmetic manufacturer or formulator, I understand how important it is for you to produce top-quality  and effective products. However, science is not simply black and white. It is often challenging to identify and resolve problems when developing a product, particularly when there is a significant amount of misinformation circulating online. This is where I step in to assist you with my cosmetic formulation review and correction service.

As a knowledgeable cosmetic formulator, I work closely with your formulations to ensure that they perform optimally and deliver the desired results. As apart of my service I examine and provide recommendations and corrections to address the issues or that may present with your current formulation. 

With my service, you can rest assured that your cosmetic products will meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. So, whether you’re facing issues with your existing formulations or want to ensure the efficacy of your new product, my cosmetic formulation review and correction service is here to help you out.





To initiate the review and correction of your formulation, you will first receive a confidentiality, and development agreement. These documents must be signed and returned prior to the commencement of the project.

Getting started has never been easier. Upon receiving your payment, I will provide you with a comprehensive checklist detailing all the necessary information required to initiate my review process. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the checklist, I am available to assist.

This checklist enables me to thoroughly review the ingredients you have sourced from your supplier, ensuring compatibility and compliance. Specifically, I will verify that no ingredients are banned, all ingredients are within their usage limits, and are safe for skin application. Additionally, I will check that no ingredient combinations are patented and provide you with a compliant ingredients list. Once the review is complete, I will offer detailed and knowledgeable feedback to help refine your product formulation.

If you are satisfied with the feedback, I will proceed to order the necessary ingredients.

Once all required ingredients have been received, the process of creating your product sample begins. I will take the prepared formulation and develop it into a tangible product sample. This phase may take up to two weeks, as minor adjustments might be necessary to ensure the product aligns perfectly with your brief. Once the sample meets the required standards, I will send it directly to you for evaluation and feedback.

Please note that if you are located outside of Australia, an additional shipping fee will apply for the delivery of the sample. If you prefer not to receive a physical sample, I can provide detailed photo and video documentation instead. 

Upon receiving your feedback and approval of the sample, I will proceed with finalising your documentation and complete the service.

Additionally, with the completion of this service, you will receive:

-Unlimited sessions for advice on the product formulation.

-A comprehensive labelling requirements guide specific to your country of origin.

Are you ready to grow your business?

$450.00 AUD

"Sherrie is such an amazing person to deal with! I have had a couple of labelling compliance check by her and she got the job done in no time. Sherrie is very professional and knowledgeable with her line of work. I will definitely be using her service again very soon. 😊"

Susen Amazing

"I am a novice at formulating lotion and recently asked for a consultation with Sherrie.She went through my formula and explained in details what changes and improvements I can make.If anyone is on the fence or has the slightest doubt about their formula, may I suggest a consultation with Sherrie. She is thorough, she has a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about what she does.Thank you, Sherrie for your tutelage"


"My experience with Sherrie's assistance was in relation to finding further information on alternatives to improve my formulation and maintain the commitment to using natural ingredients. Sherrie understood that for me, it was not just telling me what to, but for me to understand the 'why' and 'how'. Not only did she assist me in improving my final product, but made me a better formulator in the process. I thoroughly recommend her services to formulators of all levels. 10/10 for service 20/10 for her genuine kindness. Thank you Sherrie xx"


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