Gel-Based Serum Formulation Guide

Serums are beloved by many, but their formulation is more complex than it might seem. Beyond selecting ingredients, it’s essential to understand how these components interact to create a stable and safe product. This is where my serum guide becomes indispensable.

A Comprehensive Guide to Your Ideal Serum.

From botanical extracts to cutting-edge compounds, this e-book presents a thorough analysis of the ingredients that define the efficacy and uniqueness of gel-based serums. It serves as an invaluable resource for skincare enthusiasts and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of formulation strategies and ingredient science.


Putting your mind at easy, knowing your serum is precisely formulated and safe for consumer use with this serum formulation guide.

Did You Know

There are 2 types of serum, gel-based and lotion based

Are you ready to start formulating?

Build your knowledge today!



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