All purchases of DIY formulations are deemed non-refundable owing to their inherent characteristics.

When acquiring our DIY formulations, it is important to note that Alchemy of Earth & Skin cannot assume liability for the outcomes of final product microbial, PET, and stability testing. These evaluations must be carried out at the expense of the purchaser. Alchemy of Earth & Skin cannot be held accountable for any instability that may arise if the purchased formulations are modified or adjusted in any manner. Similarly, we cannot accept responsibility for incompatibility issues that may arise due to such alterations.

All transactions involving the procurement of pre-made formulations automatically include a commercial license solely for the eventual physical end product. Legal ownership of the associated documents remains vested with Alchemy of Earth & Skin. It is emphasised that the DIY digital formulation documents are strictly prohibited from being resold. In the event that such digital documents are found to have been unlawfully resold or shared without appropriate consent, Alchemy of Earth & Skin reserves the right to pursue legal remedies.